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The fruit-growing region of Haspengouw

Each town/region/hamlet is very proud of its fruit and organizes fun activities from the blossoming period all the way through the harvest season! General tips and an overview can be found on this handy page.


There is always something going on in Haspengouw, but the best period to visit us is between April and October!

Blossoming period

The blossoming period, which usually occurs in April, is a popular period to visit our region and with good reason! The whole region is in full bloom, which results in beautiful images! Not every type of fruit blossoms at the same time: pears and cherries are the first to do so. Sint-Truiden even has a blossom meter on which you can see live images of the blossoms (from March onwards).


Harvest is also a great season! From September to October you can roll up your sleeves and pick your own fruit with the growers. A good idea to do with your kids! We can even help you organize these activities.

Discovering our fruit region

The best way to get to know our fruit-growing region is by bike or on a Vespa scooter. Limburg has extensive cycling routes and even an app for that! There are also other ways to explore the region, such as a hot-air balloon ride or a covered wagon. Let us know how you want to explore our region and we will be happy to help you!