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Given its address on the Clement Cartuyvelstraat, ‘t Cartuyfel is appropriately named.

Clement Cartuyvels was once mayor of Sint-Truiden. The family of notary Coemans stayed in this townhouse built in 1867, with the accomodation for staff and the coach house adjacent to it. According to architect Wim Oers, who specializes in restoration, coach houses in Belgium have become very rare.

We know from the archives that the Coemans family led a very lush lifestyle. Mrs. Coemans was known for her highly sophisticated taste when it came to decorating. Many parties were organized in the large salon on the 1st floor, where a large grand piano was located.

The house was renovated in 1935, 1956 and 1978. Since 1999, An, your hostess, has been running ‘t Cartuyfel, embracing its rich history…


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